Enjoy a personal massage using our After Dark range or recover from injury and stress with our Therapeutic massage oils. Both of which are eventually absorbed to keep your skin supple and healthy but along the way provide the lubrication necessary for massage.

Alternatively choose our Body Oils which are rich in Coconut and absorb into the skin faster making them ideal for using after a shower or bath. 



  • After Dark

    Our After Dark oils, are very personal to help you indulge your passions... They have their own unique blend of essential oils formulated over many years experience to give  you excellent levels of vitamins and luscious goodness. Naturally rich in anti-oxidants, they have a rejuvenating effect and help care for the skin .

    Share your intimacy in the best possible way with the perfect massage oils. 

    P.S. They also smell absolutely gorgeous.

  • Sports Massage

    If your problem is related to extreme activities such as sport and would normally reach for Dr Gratton’s Patented Horse and Cattle Liniment (or somesuch), then you will find that this is likely to be considerably more effective (for humans).

    Thiese oils are blended for its efficacy in improving circulation in deep muscle tissues. The active ingredients are in a carrier oil of Grapeseed oil and Sweet Almond oil The carrier oils are extremely high in Vitamins B and E, Selenium and Zinc which are all necessary for skin condition and helps easy absorption of the active ingredients. 

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