Sports Massage - Deep Heat
  • Sports Massage - Deep Heat
  • Sports Massage - Deep Heat
  • Sports Massage - Deep Heat

Deep Tissue Heat

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This oil is blended for its efficacy in improving circulation in deep muscle tissues.

Available in Standard size and Professional Pack

Size Option: 150ml Pump Bottle

Our unique blend of essential oils have been formulated over many years experience. They are rich in antioxidants, have a rejuvenating effect, and help care for the skin. Also, We try our best to make them smell good.

Our 150ml Pump Bottle is our most popular size and perfect for most people. It is equally ideal for sports people recovering from injury and also for those suffering from long term acute conditions.

Our Professional Pack is designed for sports clubs and therapists of all kinds. It comprises a 150ml plunger bottle with a 1 Litre bottle to enable you to reuse and refill the plunger bottle an additional 6x. We also include a spare plunger and label to enable you to refresh and keep your presentation perfect. Everything (apart from the sticky labels) can be recycled.

This is ideal for you, your clients and the environment.

The ingredients of this blend are:


Very potent at improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Black Pepper

Outstanding effects on joints, muscles and circulation. Used in moderation because of its potency.


Reduces the accumulation of fluids and toxins and benefits circulation but used in moderation because of its pungent smell.


Counters the pungency of Cumin, helps with arthritic pain and sprains and reduces inflammation and discomfort.


Helps stimulate the skin surface.

Scots Pine

Used by ancient warriors including Viking and American Indian to recover after battle.


Helps with muscular aches, pains and sprains.

This oil is blended for its efficacy in improving circulation in deep muscle tissues. The active ingredients are in a carrier oil of Grapeseed oil and Sweet Almond oil The carrier oils are extremely high in Vitamins B and E, Selenium and Zinc which are all necessary for skin condition and helps easy absorption of the active ingredients. 

We do not add painkillers. Some other makes add up to 12% methyl salicylate which is related to aspirin. It is our belief that this treatment should not be masking pain. If you are feeling pain then please consult a doctor.


Data sheet

Bottle: Glass (Recyclable)
Large Bottle: Metal (Recyclable)
Packaging: Cardboard (Recyclable)
Plunger: Plastic (Recyclable)
Wrapping: Paper (Recyclable)
Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, Pure Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cumin, Camphor, Scots Pine, Menthol, Vitamin E
Do not apply to eyes
Sizes available
1L Pro Pack
150ml Pump Bottle

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Deep Heat Sports Massage

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