After Dark Massage - That Shade of Grey
  • After Dark Massage - That Shade of Grey
  • After Dark Massage - That Shade of Grey
  • After Dark Massage - That Shade of Grey

That Shade of Grey

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When it comes to Passion not everything is Black & White

Deeply nourishing this massage oil also wonderful for your skin. The oil is naturally rich in vitamins E and K to restore moisture loss and keep your skin beautifully soft. The luxuriously rich formula spreads easily and moisturises the skin. Simply massage to the skin and and breathe in the gorgeous fragrance.

Available in Standard size and Professional Pack

Size Option: 150ml Pump Bottle

When it comes to Passion not everything is Black & White. Flood the senses with this lush and all enveloping heady blend. Provocative excitement to inspire you and your Lover. The deep chocolatey softness of Oud has a long lasting and exhilarating effect.

Our 150ml Pump Bottle is our most popular size and ideal for most people. The pump dispenser gives the perfect amount for application and keeps everything drip free.

Our Professional Pack is incredible value for money and some people call it the Party Pack - It depends on the environment you are using it in...

This professional pack is designed for spas, clubs and therapists of all kinds, as well as people who use a lot of massage oil. The pack comprises of a 150ml plunger bottle together with a 1 Litre bottle to enable you to reuse and refill the plunger bottle an additional 6x. We also include a spare plunger and label to enable you to refresh and keep your presentation perfect. Everything (apart from the sticky labels) can be recycled.

This is ideal for you, your clients and the environment.

Gift Set - If you want to sample our gorgeous oils but can't make up your mind which one then this is the solution. Have one of each in 10ml sample bottles, perfect for one off treats and very convenient for travel too. These are also great for party gifts, stocking fillers and wedding favours.

The essential ingredients are:


The deep chocolatey softness of Oud has a long lasting and intoxicating effect on the senses.


In Sri Lanka Vetiver is known as the “Oil of Tranquility”. It has a deep earthy, woody aroma with an underlying sweetness. By itself it is intoxicating but even better when blended well.


Patchouli adds a sweet, rich, citrus, herbaceous odour.


Really cuts through to heighten the perceptions.

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Data sheet

Bottle: Glass (Recyclable)
Cap - Metal (Recyclable)
Cap - Plastic (Recyclable)
Large Bottle: Metal (Recyclable)
Packaging: Cardboard (Recyclable)
Plunger: Plastic (Recyclable)
Wrapping: Paper (Recyclable)
Grapeseed oil, Sweet almond oil, Pure Essential oils: Oud, Vetiver, Mandarin, Patchouli. Vitamin E
Do not Spray into eyes
Sizes available
1L Pro Pack
150ml Pump Bottle
Gift Set

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Essential Oils Safety Guidelines

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After Dark - That Shade of Grey

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