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At eMolly we’ve got a fantastic range of massage oils, therapeutic blends, gifts and more. We are a family owned business and we work hard to provide you with the best available products. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

All our products are either organic or ethically sourced and everything from bottles to packaging is recyclable. We would love you to be our customer.



  • Massage

    Enjoy a personal massage using our After Dark range or recover from injury and stress with our Therapeutic massage oils. Both of which are eventually absorbed to keep your skin supple and healthy but along the way provide the lubrication necessary for massage.

    Alternatively choose our Body Oils which are rich in Coconut and absorb into the skin faster making them ideal for using after a shower or bath. 

  • Pet

    Our Pet Training Sprays are a combination of 100% pure and organic essential oils blended with pure distilled witch hazel and distilled water. This combination enables it to be easily sprayed onto the affected area.

    Some people find that the change in their pet’s behaviour is pretty quick. If you are training a kitten or puppy they will quickly learn to avoid this area. Older animals may take longer, especially if stressed due to being rehomed or if the behavioural problem is longstanding. Just persevere and their behaviour will change.

  • Gifts

    Many of our products make great gifts but for that little bit of extra special check out this section.

    Most of these gifts can be personalised with your own custom message. After all, who doesn't feel that little bit toastie inside when receiving something uniquely perfect?

    Whether it's Secret Santa, Mystery Valentine  or a "Thank You Nana for looking after the animals," you are very much in control of the message you send.

  • Nail

    Whether your problem is prevention of Athlete's foot or treating the most persistent Fungal Nail condition we have the perfect solution to help.

    We have two ranges of treatments for Foot and Nail conditions. The JoesToes range is the most potent and effective available anywhere. However their potency may not be suitable for everyone. We do not consider them to be suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, if you are in either category we have the TenderBlend range which is just as effective.

  • Mood Sprays

    Spray on your pillow, bed linen, clothing, yoga mat, car interior - even your body. In fact, spray it anywhere you wish to change your mood and prepare your mind. (Safe on skin but keep away from eyes)

    Our Mood Sprays are formulated to help change the mood. If you want to relax and chill before bedtime try our Lavender and Vetiver... If you want to focus and concentrate, we've got you covered... Or if you want to calm down and stifle the inner road rage we can help with our carefully selected blend of essential oils.

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