Pet Training Spray - Potent
  • Pet Training Spray - Potent
  • Pet Training Spray - Potent
  • Pet Training Spray - Potent

Potent - Pet Training Spray

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If your problems are greater and involves extreme persistence or soiling in inappropriate areas then this is the best choice. In addition to higher levels of active ingredients it also contains Acetic Acid to neutralise the associated unpleasant odours. The potency of this mixture means that it is unpleasant for pets and also for humans. 

Available in Standard Size and Large Pack

Pack Size: 150ml Spray Bottle

The High Potency blend contains a number of harmless smells that cats and dogs do not like. It also contains a strong smelling acetic acid (vinegar) which is a further deterrence. If the problem area is one where your pet repeatedly returns to soil this oil is a strong deterrent and the acetic acid also helps neutralise the nasty smells.

Simply make sure that the areas are cleaned with soap and water whenever it is soiled and use the spray to keep your pet away.

Our unique blends of essential oils have been formulated over many years experience and created to help train your pet indoors. 

None of the ingredients in this oil are considered harmful for pets when used in accordance with the instructions. You should not spray directly on your pet.

The spray contains harmless substances that cats and dogs find unpleasant, and your pets are thus discouraged from scratching anything that is sprayed with it. We are also pet owners at eMolly and our primary concern is to create something that is safe for pets. We feel that pet owners should be able to train away unwanted behaviours like scratching or chewing without stressing themselves or their pet. 


Data sheet

Bottle: Glass - Widely Recycled, Plunger: Plastic - Widely Recycled
Distilled Water, Distilled Acetic Acid, Pure Essential Oils: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Citronella, Litsea Cubeba, Lemongrass
Do not spray into eyes or on skin.
Sizes available
150ml Spray Bottle

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Pet Training Spray - Potent

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