After Dark Massage - Consent... Given in Advance
  • After Dark Massage - Consent... Given in Advance
  • After Dark Massage - Consent... Given in Advance
  • After Dark Massage - Consent... Given in Advance

After Dark - Consent... Given in Advance

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Exotic, Erotic and Intensely Emotional. For them that Dare to Play After Dark

Deeply nourishing this massage oil also wonderful for your skin. The oil is naturally rich in vitamins E and K to restore moisture loss and keep your skin beautifully soft. The luxuriously rich formula spreads easily and moisturises the skin. Simply massage to the skin and and breathe in the gorgeous fragrance.


This is a long lasting and and spicy Eastern aroma that tantalise and satisfies. It really is an exotic and erotic blend that may feed your urge for experimentation.


The sudden rush of orange is the initial experience of this blend and quickly replaced by:


The long lasting and deeply affecting aroma of Frankincense. gorgeously intoxicating and strangely Eastern in a way that is hard to pin down. 


Even more so than Frankincense, Nutmeg defines this aroma as something from another land. Highly subliminal and warming of the spirit this is the the heart of this blend.


Hits the lowest notes of your olfactory register. Present at a merest trace such that you hardly even even know it's there. Sandalwood warms that parts of the imagination other oils cannot reach!


Ho is an exotic hardwood tree similar to Rosewood. Unlike rosewood it is not endangered but is grown sustainably in many parts of Asia. Its fragrance is very satisfying and long lasting.


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Bottle: Glass - Widely Recycled, Plunger: Plastic - Widely Recycled
Grapeseed oil, Sweet almond oil, Pure Essential oils: Frankincense, Orange, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Ho. Vitamin E
150ml pump bottle
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After Dark - Consent - Factsheet

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