JoesToes Foot and Nail - 150ml Pump Massage
  • JoesToes Foot and Nail - 150ml Pump Massage
  • JoesToes Foot and Nail - 150ml Pump Massage
  • JoesToes Foot and Nail - 150ml Pump Massage

Massage Oil - JoesToes Foot and Nail Treatment

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Fungal nail and athletes foot are very common, they are also hard to treat. So we have blended the JoesToes concentrated oil with our luxurious massage oils. So you can pamper your feet whilst treating them. JoesToes is the most potent treatment for severe Fungal Nail conditions. The massage pump is calibrated to dispense the perfect amount for massaging the feet.

We also sell Large and Small Bundles with the JoesToes concentrated oil. 

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Getting clear of Fungal Nail and Athletes Foot is very easy using our oil. Simply apply to the affected the affected nail twice a day.

Fungal infections are VERY persistent and take vigilance to clear up. It is not enough to just take some tablets or paint something on your nails. You need to follow a process and our process is easy, simple and safe. We provide a factsheet with instructions and considerable information on the web.

This oil is highly absorbant into the nail bed and binds closely to the fungal infection as it treats it. The pale yellow colour of the oil will enable you to clearly see the dead and infected tissues which will enable easier removal.

The heart of our Foot and Nail treatments are 100% Pure and natural essential oils. The blend is carefully formulated and every ingredient has a role to play.

We have formulated this blend specifically to have multiple anti-fungal actions. Some ingredients stop the fungus from reproducing, others target different fungal enzymes  and others dissolve fungal cell walls. We combine them in this way to maximise the efficacy. Here are the list of ingredients. 

TeaTree is a well known anti-fungal, as is Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Neem and Lavender. In fact, Myrrh is the most potent anti-fungal of all essential oils. Wheatgerm and Castor oils are well known  carrier oils, but are both potent anti-fungal and antiseptics. Castor oil is the source of undecylenic acid that is the active ingredient in many Pharmaceutical anti-fungal preparations. Wheatgerm oil is a vital source of Vitamin E,  Lemongrass has a drying action in addition to its antiseptic properties and Sandalwood is a powerful antiseptic against gram positive bacteria. The blend is extremely potent whilst maintaining a pleasant smell.

WARNING Myrrh and Neem are not considered safe to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. DO NOT USE this blend if that applies to you. If you are unable to use this mixture because of circumstances and need to treat your feet we have Tender Blend options which are Neem and Myrrh free.

10ml Dropper Bottle Is very popular and most popular size and perfect for most people. Simply apply 1 drop to the affected nail twice a day. This size bottle contains about 200 drops and ideal for treating single nails or less  severe conditions.

15ml Brush Bottle This contains the same blend as in the dropper bottles but has the convenience of a brush applicator. Simply paint the affected nail twice a day. It contains 15ml which should be sufficient to treat one nail.​​​​​​​

50ml Dropper Bottle ​​​​​​​If you have a severe case of Fungal Nail then we recommend you use this. Simply apply 1 drop to the affected nail twice a day. This bottle contains about 1000 drops and ideal for treating multiple nails or severe conditions.​​​​​

150ml Pump Bottle If you prefer to massage your treatment, or if the affected area is larger than just one nail, this may be the best option. This bottle has a plunger which delivers the ideal amount to treat your feet. The active ingredients are blended with massage oils to aid rapid absorbtion. It is a great way to treat athletes foot and a good way to treat fungal nail. The plunger bottle is likely to last you 10 weeks.

150ml Spritzer Spray Bottle This is a spray bottle where the concentrated blend is mixed with healing and antiseptic witch hazel. It is intended to be used as a preventative whereas the other treatments in the range will treat the infection. The spritzer prevents fungus from returning and helps prevent smelly feet.

Large Treatment Bundle Buy one of our bundles and make significant savings over the individual prices. The Large Treatment Bundle has a bottle of massage mixture and a large bottle (50ml) of concentrated blend. 

Standard Treatment Bundle Buy one of our bundles and make significant savings over the individual prices. The Standard Treatment Bundle has a bottle of massage mixture & a standard bottle (10ml) of concentrated blend.


Data sheet

Bottle: Glass - Widely Recycled, Plunger: Plastic - Widely Recycled
Pure Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass. Neem Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E
Do not apply to eyes
Sizes available
10ml Dropper Bottle
15ml Brush Bottle
50ml Dropper Bottle
150ml Spray Bottle
150ml pump bottle
Large Bundle
Standard Bundle
Vial (1ml sample)

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Essential Oils Safety Guidelines

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JoesToes Factsheet

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