After Dark Massage - For Him
  • After Dark Massage - For Him
  • After Dark Massage - For Him
  • After Dark Massage - For Him

After Dark Massage - For Him

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Turns Every Man into a Caveman and every Caveman into a Man

Are you pleased to see me? Unleash the inner caveman and see what he is capable of. A gorgeous masculine aroma. This massage oil is laden with 3 essential oils considered to be aphrodisiacs. The luxuriously rich formula spreads easily and moisturises the skin. Simply massage to the skin and and breathe in the gorgeous fragrance.


This blend is dominated by the psychologically penetrating aromas of Cedarwood, Patchouli and Cypress. Each of them having associations with deep meditation and inner strength. Then the sharp spike of Mandarin breaks through to focus your attention.


Few things state "Man" quite as profoundly as Cedarwood. This long lasting fragrance is widely used as a basenote in expensive aftershaves for good reason. Here at eMolly it is probably our favourite fragrance ever.


True Patchouli is actually a versatile and gorgeous scent used widely in the Far East. It adds a sweet, rich, herbaceous-earthy odour to the mix.


Venerated throughout Europe and countries as far as Tibet, Cypress has been highly regarded as a healing salve for warriors returning from battle. Of all the evergreens Cypress has the most mystical and spiritual attributes associated with it. But it is also very masculine.


The blend needs something to pierce through and Mandarin is it. The sharp spike of Mandarin breaks on through to the other side of masculinity and helps focus your immediate attention on Him.


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Bottle: Glass - Widely Recycled, Plunger: Plastic - Widely Recycled
Grapeseed oil, Sweet almond oil, Pure Essential oils: Cedarwood, Patchouli. Cypress, Mandarin. Vitamin E
150ml pump bottle
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